Our story is made of disruption, technology and saving money

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What are we all about

We specialize in refinancing loans. How can we assist you? Provide us with some information about your loan, and we'll tell you the best time to refinance to save money that would otherwise go to banks.
Our goal

We make loan terminology as simple as possible for you.


Meet our founders

Luka Vukoja

CEO & Founder

Meet our founder, a seasoned financial analyst with expertise in corporate finance, market analysis, and investment banking. The inspiration for Refinance struck when he recognized the lack of knowledge for this tool among regular people compared to corporations.

Karlo Osman

CMO & Co-Founder

Introducing our co-founder, a dynamic professional who shares roots with our founder from college days. With a background in leading marketing and IT firms, his blend of creativity and technical prowess fuels our startup's vision with innovation and strategic insight.

our identity

Finance & marketing minds driving fintech innovation.

Our goal has always been to create something that falls within our areas of expertise. Considering how accessible technology has become, we decided to make a greater impact by developing a tech product and bringing it closer to people.
what we solve

We work really hard to tell you how to save money on your loan.

Financial matters can be complex, and some banks may exploit this. We aim to guide you about loans and debt, allowing you to make informed decisions. We also provide advice on optimal times for refinancing or other actions.

There are a few things we want to achieve with our platform.

Focus is to understand people’s needs, and for people to understand our vision.


Build lasting relationships with borrowers by prioritizing transparency and security.


Streamline the refinance process, making it clear, easy, and accessible for all.


Revolutionize the refinance landscape, offering an innovative and efficient experience.
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